[Video] After 16 Years Apple Silences The Iconic iPod Nano & Shuffle

The iPod has been in trouble for some time… but today it was officially terminated. After nearly 16 years on the market, more than 400 million units sold, Apple quietly pulled the iPod Nano and Shuffle out of its virtual stores. There is an alternative. The iPod Touch, which still lives on: In fact, Apple now offers the Touch with 32 gigs of storage. But to many, it’s not a real iPod; it’s an iPhone-lite. Back in 2004, several years after the device was launched, Dr. Michael Bull, a professor at the University of Sussex, told WIRED Magazine  “It’s a generalization, but the main use (of the iPod) is control. Sure, there were other portable music gadgets, but MiniDisc and Walkman were bigger, clunkier, and more complicated. You had to plan what you wanted to listen to ahead of time. With an iPod, you had all your music, all the time.” If you’re feeling nostalgic, Apple will be selling the last remaining iPods in Apple Stores, at least for a while.

And check out the first iPod TV ad from 2001… 

Image Source: https://www.techspot.com

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