You Two Must Read This Book!!

Everyone knows I devour books, I have always loved reading since I was a child.  To find me reading a book a day is not a strange thing in my world, you should see my collection, I am an avid reader.

I will keep some books in hopes of reading them again but as life gets busier, sometimes I never get back to them again but this one book I just finished, I have to read it again and soon, it was that amazing!!!  But first I must lend it to everyone I know to read 😉

The book in question is actor Sean Patrick Flanery’s debut called Jane Two and it was one of the best books I have ever read in my lifetime.

Jane Two captures you, the writing is brilliant and the words make you wish young Mickey was in love with you.  One fine example is when he sees Jane Two getting picked up in a sports car and Mickey thinks I want to punch that driver and you would think from jealousy of someone else with Jane Two but no, because the driver didn’t get out of the car to open her door for her because that is just what she deserves.  I could go on but  I won’t ruin it for you as it’s just that book you must read all on your own and let it take you in to it’s pages.

The story is a coming of age story based in Texas and I’ve read its loosely based on Sean’s own growing up years, whether this is true or not, doesn’t take away from the story one bit, it’s a great read.  I devoured it and once it was done, I wanted to turn it back over and start it over again.

To say the book made me laugh, made me cry and want to buy the t-shirt, if there was one, is an understatement.

Sean Patrick Flanery, whom I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing many years ago is a great guy and actor known for his many roles in Boondock Saints, Dexter and Powder to name a few. He’s also a martial artist and I hope to God he keeps up the author side of life cuz he takes you on a ride of a lifetime you never want to get off of.


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