Today Was Once Called The Saddest Day Of The Year

Got the Monday blues? Today was once called the saddest day of the year, or “Blue Monday,” by British psychologist, Dr. Cliff Arnall. The doctor came up with a pseudo-scientific formula in 2005 to calculate why we may feel a little down on the third Monday of January. The formula looked something like this: [W + (D-d)] x T^Q} ÷ [M x N_a], with “W” standing for weather, “D” standing for debt, “d” standing for monthly salary, “M” for motivational levels and “Na” standing for the feeling of a need to take action.

His theory suggested that people get the blues this time of the year because your post-holiday credit card bills are piling up, your new year’s resolutions have already gone by the wayside, and the dark days of winter are freezing out your happy place. Doctor Arnall later admitted to being paid for those proclamations, by a tourism agency.

And while the concept of Blue Monday has been widely debunked, there is evidence that Canadians are least happy in January. Accountemps shared some tips to help workers push through the cold months, like getting the right nutrients for energy and focus.

As with what’s known as SAD, or seasonal affective disorder, the symptoms usually dissipate when spring arrives. But in reality, the more time we spend outside, the better we feel. For those who find the great outdoors during the winter a little too hostile, light therapy can be immensely helpful. Here’s a link to an article on that topic: 

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