Time For A Turtles Brake

The Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF) is calling on all us Canadians to fast-track our efforts in helping save one of our endangered species, the turtle with World Turtle Day on Tuesday May 23rd.

The Turtle Team is asking you drive with a bit of extra care to avoid collisions with wildlife as road mortality is a huge issue right now as turtles are currently nesting and needing to cross roads.

CWF is launching a new turtle project in Ottawa this spring to survey species at risk, currently we have 8 different species here in the region including the snapping turtle.

Please slow down and watch the roads for the turtles and if you can safely do so, move the turtle off the road by grabbing it from the end and lifting it to safety.  For the bigger snapping  turtle, you can grab a branch and have them bite down on it and drag them off the road as they have a a bit of an under-shell that will protect them.

Find out more by visiting their website and celebrate World Turtle Day.




Photo Credit: dfwturtletortoiseclub




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