Time To Go A Little Batty

Its the time of year you tend to start thinking of bats with Halloween, horror movies and vampire bats, Count Dracula, muhahahah.  However in reality, bats are nothing like the caped romantic villain, but they also do get a bad rap with getting tangled in your hair, rabies and not to mention numerous diseases they carry.

So let’s take care of some of those off the bat, ahem, so to speak.  First, bats do not fly blindly into your hair, in fact they have good vision, so they won’t attack you or suck your blood 😉

All mammals can contract and transfer rabies, not just bats.  In fact, bats are good for our environment and they help our eco-system.  Only problem is they are becoming fewer and farther between with the female only giving birth to one pup a year so Canadian Wildlife Federation is asking for your help.

Bat houses are the way to go in helping with roosting sites and a great way to promote the protection and conservation of the Endangered Little Brown Bat.  Canadian Wildlife Federation can set you up with your own bat house or give you more information.

You could say I’m a little batty when it comes to not only bats but all animals.




Photo Credit:   https://www.welcomewildlife.com/all-about-bats/


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