Where Has Three Years Gone :)

When people say time flies when you’re having fun, they weren’t kidding and they also weren’t working with my co-host Nida Drake to have this much fun and make that time fly 🙂

It was just over three years ago, I got laid off from my other radio station and  I was wondering, huh what now?  Like so many of my former co-workers, we were all left wondering that same question.  For me, I was thinking outside radio, I’d been doing this thing for over half my life already so let’s see what else was out there.  Little did I know that someone had other plans for me 😉

And voila here I find myself three years later working with the most amazing lady.  We’re pretty lucky with this whole Breakfast With The Girls thing.  First, three years ago in 2015, there were no female morning shows and this amazing company took that plunge and did it.  I think it’s cool to let all the upcoming female radio announcers out there know, yes you can do this too, go on host that morning show!!  You go Girls 🙂

Secondly, where sometimes people don’t get along when they working together, I count myself pretty lucky in the fact that I absolutely love this woman I sit across from every weekday morning.   Previous to this, Nida and I had never actually met except through the magic of Facebook but once we met for the show, we just clicked and we started having fun, pretty much since day one.

Thirdly which is only fair since it’s been three years and I didn’t get her a gift 😉  I have to say I’m lucky to work with Nida Drake each and every single morning as she has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I have ever met.  She is a great person, a great friend, a wonderful and loving mother and I think  I can speak for her husband Chris when  I say, a truly amazing wife and he is lucky to have her….you’re welcome Chris 😉  She makes it worth getting up each and every single morning to play radio with her and laugh, sing, do our questions, contests and just hang out with you, the wonderful listener.

So thank you Nida for the most amazing three years 🙂  And thank you, again the wonderful listener for waking up with us each and every single morning…..here’s to another three 😉

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