This Weather Is For The Birds…Or Is It

One would think that all this summer heat is something animals are just used to, it’s in their nature or blood to get used to it as most live outdoors on a regular basis so they just adapt.

One would think that more so with birds as they can just fly off and create their own little breeze and cool off.  But apparently that is not the case according to our friends at Wildbirds Unlimited on Bank Street.

During these hot conditions, you will be doing your birds a big favor by providing them with reliable sources of clean, fresh water.  Water is crucial to birds.  Whether they are feeder visitors or not, water is essential.  Offering a dependable source of water is probably the simplest and most important step you can take to greatly increase the variety of birds in your yard and provide help to the bird population.

Birds of course must be ready to fly at all times and bathing is a critical part of feather maintenance and staying in top-flight condition.  Water is also vitally important in extreme heat to help a bird’s ability to regulate temperature due to stress.  Birds do not sweat and must remove excess body heat through their respiratory system.

So, while the addition of a bird bath or fountain to your yard can supply great hours of bird watching entertainment for you, you’re also providing a lifesaving necessity and while you’re at it, throw some bird feed out too.


True story, I spend endless hours along with my cats watching the birds outside our windows as they fly in to eat but my fave part is watching them play in our birdbath.  The way they look around to make sure they are safe then in they go and just splish-splash around and then get out and the top of their head is all spiky, endless hours of entertainment.  Although probably different entertainment for my cats 😉


Photo Credit:   Codi Jeffreys

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