Thanks Jim Cuddy, I’m Well On My Way ;)

My husband and I went out to see Jim Cuddy last night at the National Arts Centre.  He’s out in support of his new solo, Constellation with his two sons Devon Cuddy and Sam Polley and his buddy Barney Bentall on the bill.


Oh I’m tired today but it was so worth it as the show was just downright amazing.  He played songs from his new solo but spiced it up with some Blue Rodeo faves while his sons got to cover some of their own music, and Barney Bentall was in the mix with his newer and great classic stuff like Something To Live For.


One would be hard pressed to find a better show and great new album than Constellation, in fact if I was still a music director, I would add this whole CD into rotation but I digress 😉


Jim Cuddy is just brilliant, we all love him, his music both solo and with his band and as Nida and I have often talked about, we highly support that he should be the next Prime Minister, he’s just that kind of guy 🙂


But did you know he also saves lives?  Well according to this article my cousin sent me, he has put me ahead of the game by adding a few more years to my life 😉


Yes, a new study shows that attending at least two concerts a week can add up to 9 years to your life.  Yup, attending music gigs is one way to relieve stress and be social which in return, may also be a great way to add years to your life and who doesn’t want that?


Also according to the study, experiencing a gig for just 20 minutes can result in a 21% increase in feelings of well-being. Furthermore, the research found a direct link between “high levels of well-being and a lifespan increase of nine years” or more.


So thanks Jim Cuddy for adding more years to my life last night  but now I need a second show this week…….so Jim, how do you feel about a second show added kinda thing 😉


Attending a Concert Every 2 Weeks Will Add 9 Years to Your Life, Study Finds

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