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Canadian Edition Of The Old Farmer’s Almanac Predicts A Colder Than Normal Winter

The Old Farmer’s Almanac is North America’s longest-running continuously published periodical, first published in 1792 by Robert B. Thomas. The Canadian edition has been in print for 37 years, priding itself on providing the same useful information as the original,

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No Thank You – Farmer’s Almanac Predicts A Long, Nasty & Brutish Winter

The Farmer’s Almanac is warning us to brace for a winter that will be nasty, brutish and not at all short. The almanac’s projections call for “biting cold in Ontario, cold weather in Atlantic Canada and Quebec, and “teeth-chattering cold”

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70% Chance El Niño Will Make A Comeback This Year

Remember how last winter seemed to go on forever? And it was a lot colder and snowier than normal too. But this year, we might just get a little lucky. According to experts there is a 70% chance that El

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The First Weekend Of Winterlude Has Arrived! 

The 40th edition of Winterlude begins this weekend with the Official Winterlude Launch on Friday, February 2nd. This year, the Winterlude fun will span three weekends, wrapping up on Monday, February 19 (Family Day in Ontario). The official sites are the

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How Cold Is Too Cold For Your Furry Friend?

Dogs have built-in fur coats, but they can still get dangerously cold when the temperature plunges in the winter. Chances are, Fido will still happily wait for walk-time and get excited when you reach for the leash, so it’s up

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More Snow Than Usual Predicted For Eastern Ontario & Quebec Winter

Say it ain’t so! A snow-filled winter is in store for much of eastern Canada. meteorologists expect weak La Niña conditions in the equatorial Pacific, which is expected to play a role in the overall weather pattern across North

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Here We Go Again!

It’s happened again!  Another freezing rain warning for the Ottawa-area.  Might see a sneak peek of what’s to come later this afternoon, but more so during the evening hours.   According to Environment Canada,  a long-lasting period of freezing rain resulting

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We’ve Turned The Corner On Winter – Statistically Speaking

It’s Thursday, January 19th in the Nation’s Capital and it’s officially the ‘dead of winter’! Despite the ominous ring to that phrase, Dave Phillips, the senior climatologist at Environment Canada says that’s actually a good thing! The ‘dead of winter’

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