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[Video] Go Olly Go!

A very determined Jack Russell terrier’s face-planting moment and dogged determination didn’t win him any prizes at the annual Crufts dog show, but Olly just won the internet! Watch as Olly is escorted around the obstacle course at the Crufts

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[Video] Mannequin Challenge Goes Viral

Have you heard about the latest viral sensation – The Mannequin Challenge? In a nutshell, it involves people standing perfectly still while holding a pose (like a mannequin) while a videographer weaves in and around the people taking part, capturing

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[Video] UK Banknote Doubles As A Stylus – In A Pinch

  I wonder if this works with our polymer bank notes? A ‘MacGyver’ in Norwich in the U.K. has discovered a curious new property to the new Bank Of England 5 pound note. It can play a vinyl record! A fascinating

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[Video] May 25th is National Tap Dance Day!

It’s National Tap Dance Day, and the date is no coincidence. Bill “Bojangles” Robinson was born on this day in 1878. He’s widely considered one of the best tap dancers of all time. In honour of Bill, and the likes

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[Video] 2016/2017 Season Preview – Behind The Scenes At The Canadian Museum Of History

When was the last time you visited the Canadian Museum of History? The last time I went was to watch an IMAX/ CINÉ+ movie presentation, but I can’t remember the last time I walked through the entire collection, or even a

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[Video] Planet Earth In Stunning High Definition – NASA Releases 4K Imagery From The ISS Crew

Home sweet home! Prepare to marvel at our beautiful little blue speck in the cosmos, planet Earth. NASA has just released this reel of 4K crew photography from the International Space Station yesterday. Enjoy!  

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