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Global Experiment Testing Civil Honesty Reveals Surprising Result

If you were to lose your wallet or purse, what are the chances you’ll get it back – with the cash still inside it? An ambitious new study in the journal Science has provided at least a partial answer to the question. It turns

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Listening To Music While Working Or Studying Can Help Increase Productivity

So, what is the best music for studying or concentrating? Author Dan Jacques wrote an in-depth article on that topic. Here’s a quick overview… The University of Wales undertook a study in 2011 to see how well students were able to

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Study Reveals We May Care More For Puppies Than People

If you have a harder time empathizing with human suffering than with pets in peril, you’re not alone. According to a study published earlier this year in Society & Animals, humans may project more pity when a dog is perceived

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Making Friends With Goats May Be As Simple As Flashing A Smile!

If you ever come face to face with a goat… you might want to try this… flash a smile! Show it your pearly whites! A new paper published in Royal Society Open Science suggests that goats not only recognize happy

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Scientists Pin-Point Source Of Elephants’ Cancer Immunity

When it comes to cancer rates in the animal kingdom, elephants are an anomaly. Cancer should be more common among larger species, but with elephants, that simply isn’t the case. Only about 5 percent of elephants die from cancer, compared

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Maxed Out! We Tend To Frequent Only 25 Places In Our Daily Travels

We’re not as adventurous as we’d like to thing we are. Based on a study of 40,000 people, new research on human mobility finds that we tend to frequent only 25 places at any given time in our lives. In

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Sharing Brain Waves With Your Bestie :)

Funny it was just the other day that I said something similar to one of my best friends Steph when I asked to switch one of our boot camp days and she said sure but which one as apparently I

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The Science Behind Why We Like Crunchy Foods

As the makers of Pringles know… humans love crunchy, noisy snacks. That loud rattling that travels to our inner ear helps us identify what it is we’re consuming. When we hear it, we eat more. When we don’t, as in

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Hair Donation Ottawa

The sixth annual Hair Donation Ottawa event will take place on Sunday April 17, 2016 from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. The event will be held at Algonquin College Salon and Spa room A#112. You can donate 6 inches of

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