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CNE Food Concession Favourite – A Gold Leaf Ice Cream Bar

The Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) is known for challenging the taste buds of all who choose to eat there with its crazy food creations and oddball pairings… and every year the menu gets more and more bizarre. For example, this

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The Odd And Antiquated Reason Players Wear White At Wimbledon

Wimbledon is the only Grand Slam tennis tournament that’s still played on a grass court, and the only one that schedules a day off on the middle Sunday of the tournament. Wimbledon is also known for its rather rigid dress

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Wayward Heron Found Nearly Frozen In Ottawa

Another nearly-frozen bird has turned up in Ottawa, long after it should have flown south. The black-crowned night heron was spotted looking for food in open water last week, with ice forming on its feathers. Birder Bruce Di Labio managed

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US Weather Radar Picks Up A Strange And Colourful Phenomenon

Weather radar doesn’t just pick up rain and snow, it can also detect other objects such as birds, insects and even flying debris. That’s what happened earlier this week in Colorado, when meteorologists picked up a large multicoloured pattern that turned

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No You Haven’t Missed The Harvest Moon – It’s Just Late

Next Thursday’s full moon is somewhat special: It will also carry the title of “Harvest Moon” for those living in the Northern Hemisphere. But this full moon is also the one that comes closest on the calendar to the September

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Man Grows Banana Tree In Vancouver

Housing prices aren’t the only things that’s bananas in Vancouver. Bananas are bananas! After four years of cultivation, a Vancouver man’s banana plant has flowered and developed fruit, something he never thought was possible because of the city’s climate. “Not

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Goat Yoga Is A Thing And It’s Happening At The Agriculture Museum

For the first time ever, the Canadian Agricultural Museum is hosting a goat-yoga class. No, the goats won’t be assuming any postures themselves. They’ll just wander around, but they have been known to occasionally jump onto people’s backs while they

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[Video] The Oddest Music Instrument I’ve Ever Seen

While doing some research for an upcoming night in The Lounge, I came across the oddest musical instrument I have ever seen. Presenting the glass armonica, invented by none other than Benjamin Franklin. When Ben patented his new musical device

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Winter Robin Sightings Break Records Locally – What’s Going On?

There’s a good chance you’ll see your first robin of 2017 in early January. It seems huge flocks of Robins have refused to leave this year. The annual Christmas Bird Count, where volunteers are assigned sectors and count every bird

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Missing A Cockatiel? OC Transpo May Be Able To Help

Anyone missing a Cockatiel? OC Transpo is looking for you. The bird is a parrot variety which is native to Australia. It was found on OC Transpo property at 1500 St. Laurent Boulevard late yesterday afternoon. Cockatiels are known to

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Odd Pod-Shaped House For Sale In Carp

This house on Upper Dwyer Hill Road is listed at $439,900. The Real Estate agent, Joy Neville calls it “Truly one of a kind!” Here’s the rest of the description. “This monolithic, 3 bedroom, 3 bath, dome home provides open

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[Video] Brooklyn, New York, ‘Borough of Parrots’?

Brooklyn, New York is known as the ‘Borough of trees’. Perhaps that’s why hundreds of Quaker parrots have decided to make it their home away from home. Quaker parrots are typically tropical birds, with green feathers and blue wing tips.

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