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According To The Latest Meme, The Number 1 Song On Your 14th Birthday Is ‘Life Defining’

There’s a new viral craze on the Internet that’s catching on. What was the No. 1 song on the pop charts on your 14th birthday? According to this musical meme, that song “defines your entire life.” As crazy as that

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Rare, Nostalgic Civic Pharmacy Sign To Be Saved

The Civic Pharmacy sign, currently half-covered by an orange tarp draping the building at the corner of Carling and Holland avenues, has been saved! The Civic Hospital Neighbourhood Association says it’s received assurances from the new owners of the building

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The Jetsons’ Set To Make A Live-Action TV Comeback

A live-action adaptation of classic cartoon ‘The Jetsons’ has received the go-ahead from ABC. The show will be a multi-camera sitcom, based on the Hanna-Barbera cartoon. The Jetsons’, which premiered in 1962 on ABC and lasted for 24 episodes, was

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Is It Time To Bring Back Streetcars To Sparks Street?

Some of you might remember that Ottawa once had public streetcars back in the 1950s. The Ottawa Electric Railway Company operated between 1891 and 1959. There was a fairly extensive network of street cars and tracks that ran through the

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Is VHS The Vinyl Of Analog Video Recording?

R.I.P. the VCR! Most of us stopped using video cassette recorders a very long time ago. Officially, DVD replaced VHS as the preferred home media format in 2008. Remember the glory days of the 1980s, when VHS and Sony’s Betamax

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Louisville, Kentucky – Last Bastion Of The Disco Ball

For most people, when you think about Louisville Kentucky… the Kentucky Derby comes to mind, maybe… baseball bats, bourbon, and bluegrass music? But who would have guessed Disco Balls? During the late 1970s, the Omega National Products factory just about

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