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‘Mansplaining’ Explained With A handy Chart!

Mansplaining… The not-so-subtle exchange between a man and a woman when the man feels the need to explain something to a woman that she: a) didn’t ask for b) already knows or c) knows way more than he does. Writer

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Laughter Is The Best Medicine

If laughter is your game then the Alterna Savings Cracked Up Comedy Festival is your name, for this week anyway 😉 I love to laugh, it cures all.  Laughter is the best medicine they say and it’s so true.  When

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Thinking On Your Feet! The Ottawa Improv Festival Gets Underway Tonight

The Ottawa Improv Festival is back this weekend, starting tonight (Thursday) through Saturday. Over three days, performers from Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Guelph and Boston will be showcasing all sorts of improv formats. They also have workshops for those who’ve never

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Apologizing For Something Isn’t An Admission Of Guilt According To Ontario Law

Canadians have earned a worldwide reputation for polite and apologetic, even when it’s not expected. It seems it’s in our nature to say ‘sorry’, even for everyday oversights like mindlessly stepping in front of someone at a check-out counter. That’s why

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Full Sized Car Replica Fools Montreal Police And The Internet Laughs Along With Them

Fed up with the amount of snowfall that Montreal has received this year, and the city’s sometimes slow response to clean it up, woodworker Simon Laprise sculpted a full-sized car replica out of a snowbank to prank the snow removal

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Transcript of An Interview With Coco The Cat

We all know that Cats can be fussy when it comes to being petted. A little girl from Dublin, Ireland, has been paying close attention to her cat’s petting preferences… and she’s become quite the expert on Cat psychology. Paul

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Bad Parrot

A young man named John received a parrot as a gift. The parrot had a bad attitude and an even worse vocabulary. Every word out of the bird’s mouth was rude, obnoxious and laced with profanity. John tried and tried

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Yuk It Up With Gilbert Gottfried This Weekend

I have always loved comedy, I always found it a great escape growing up.  Legends like Howie Mandel, Rodney Dangerfield and Gilbert Gottfried got me through those rough moments of life with a laugh.  And as you know, laughter is

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[Video] Dog Takes The Best Seat In The House At A Classical Concert

When the world-renowned Vienna Chamber Orchestra was recently performing at the 31st International Izmir Festival in Çesme, Turkey, a sweet golden lab wandered onto the stage and made him/herself comfortable alongside the first violinist. The crowd erupted in applause, and

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Calling All Generic Father Figures With BBQ Skills!

A post on the Spokane-area Craigslist page was looking someone to fulfill the role of “BBQ Dad” at a barbecue on June 17, the day before Father’s Day. The ad was placed by several male roommates, who “range in age

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BC Woman’s ‘Spicer In The Bush’ Cutout Goes Viral

Poor Sean Spicer, the White House spokesperson, known for his frequently combative posture with journalists. He’s become the brunt of many late night TV talk-show hosts and was famously lampooned by actress Melissa McCarthy on Saturday Night Live. His latest

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A Weirdly Scented Candle For Every Occasion 

Looking for something a little offbeat for the Holiday Season… perhaps a secret Santa gift for a co-worker? Here are a few examples of weirdly scented candles that are actually available. Old Book Smell: Bibliophiles (and anyone wishing to make

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Nice Car! Wait… Did I Just See That?

The hottest days of summer are behind us, and the leaves are already turning, so every opportunity to get out and enjoy the warmth and the sunshine is precious! That’s probably what this gentlemen and his traveling companion had in mind

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Viral Photo-Bombing Photos From Both Coasts

Beware of photo-bombers! Recently engaged couple Kelin Flanagan and Spencer Taubner set out for Rockies (with B.D.F.K Photography) for a romantic engagement photo shoot. Along the way, they found a really nice spot, overlooking a valley with majestic mountains in

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[Video] Faroe Islanders Take On Google Street View With Sheepcams

Faroe islanders are so tired of waiting for Google Street View to come and map the roads, causeways and bridges of the archipelago, a team of local residents has set up their own mapping project – Sheep View 360. With

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