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A Short List of Oddly Named Canadian Places And Towns

Last week, American talk show host Jimmy Kimmel’s quest to become mayor of Dildo, Newfoundland drew unprecedented attention to the small Newfoundland hamlet, but it’s definitely not the only place in Canada with an unintentionally funny name. How about… Blow

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[Video] Ottawa Valley Lilt Ranked Canada’s Sexiest Accent

Just earlier this month the Canadian accent was ranked the 13th sexiest in the world. But, with so many different accents in Canada, which one were people thinking of when they said Canada’s was the sexiest? We now have

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People On Twitter Are Making Book Titles “More Canadian”

Penguin Books is behind The newest Twitter challenge asking users to #MakeABookCanadian, and it’s quite clever and funny. “Life of PEI” is one of many proposed book titles. It all started as a celebration of on #CanadaBookDay on April 23rd, but the

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[Video] Scottish Grandmother Reads A Children’s Book To Her Grandson And The World Takes Notice

A children’s book about a three-legged donkey is one of the top selling books in the United States, thanks to a viral video of Scottish grandmother, Janice Clark, reading Craig Smith’s “The Wonky Donkey” to her baby grandson. Her breathless

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‘Mansplaining’ Explained With A handy Chart!

Mansplaining… The not-so-subtle exchange between a man and a woman when the man feels the need to explain something to a woman that she: a) didn’t ask for b) already knows or c) knows way more than he does. Writer

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Laughter Is The Best Medicine

If laughter is your game then the Alterna Savings Cracked Up Comedy Festival is your name, for this week anyway 😉 I love to laugh, it cures all.  Laughter is the best medicine they say and it’s so true.  When

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Thinking On Your Feet! The Ottawa Improv Festival Gets Underway Tonight

The Ottawa Improv Festival is back this weekend, starting tonight (Thursday) through Saturday. Over three days, performers from Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Guelph and Boston will be showcasing all sorts of improv formats. They also have workshops for those who’ve never

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Apologizing For Something Isn’t An Admission Of Guilt According To Ontario Law

Canadians have earned a worldwide reputation for polite and apologetic, even when it’s not expected. It seems it’s in our nature to say ‘sorry’, even for everyday oversights like mindlessly stepping in front of someone at a check-out counter. That’s why

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Full Sized Car Replica Fools Montreal Police And The Internet Laughs Along With Them

Fed up with the amount of snowfall that Montreal has received this year, and the city’s sometimes slow response to clean it up, woodworker Simon Laprise sculpted a full-sized car replica out of a snowbank to prank the snow removal

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