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The Science Behind Why We Like Crunchy Foods

As the makers of Pringles know… humans love crunchy, noisy snacks. That loud rattling that travels to our inner ear helps us identify what it is we’re consuming. When we hear it, we eat more. When we don’t, as in

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Naughty And Nice For Your Teeth This Holiday Season

The festive party season is already underway, but how do you enjoy all the socializing and celebrations without turning your teeth into lumps of coal? The Ontario Dental Association (ODA) is giving you a breakdown on the traditional holiday treats

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8 Food Safety Facts

1: It’s unsafe to drink milk past its sell-by date, even if it’s just a day or two.   2: You shouldn’t drink from a cup of water that has been left sitting out overnight.   3: White discoloration on

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Mislabeled Foods

A new study out suggests more than half of Canadians worry that the foods they’re buying are not what the labels claim. An online survey by researchers at Dalhousie University in Halifax found 63 per cent of 11-hundred respondents said

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Paint The Town….Silver

You can paint the town of “Ottawa” silver…..all for a good cause with a great Art Auction for mental health.  Why silver and not red?  Because all proceeds will be given to the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre Schizophrenia Unit,

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How Long Things Stay Good In Your Fridge

We’ve been asking our Facebook fans about whether they follow food expiry guidelines.  We found out that some are very diligent and throw out anything past it’s due date, while others (like us) might do a taste test first.  There

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