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The Great North America Blackout Of 2003

Tomorrow will mark the 15th anniversary of one of the largest blackouts in North American history, affecting parts of the Northeastern and Midwestern United States and Ontario, including the Nation’s Capital. It happened on August 14th, 2003, on a typically hot

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Health Canada Warns Of EpiPen Shortage In August

The maker of the EpiPen says its adult-dose auto-injector will be in “very limited” supply in Canadian pharmacies in August and new stock likely won’t be available until the end of that month. Pfizer Canada also says it is currently

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YOW Emergency Training Exercise Advisory – “Don’t Be Alarmed”

Travelers, plane-spotters, commuters and anyone else in the vicinity of the Ottawa International Airport this week may notice some out of the ordinary around the airfield. According to YOW officials, the airport is expected to conduct a training exercise from

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Dr. Heimlich Performs The Heimlich Manoeuvre For The First Time

The surgeon who gave his name to a simple but effective procedure used to rescue people from choking, actually had to employ his own technique to save someone’s life earlier this week. It was the first time Dr. Henry Heimlich

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200,000 Cans Of Water In Beer Cans Headed To Fort McMurray

Cheers to Labatt Breweries for shipping 200,000 cans of water to assist those affected by the Fort McMurray wildfires that continue to ravage that northern Alberta city and the surrounding area. Labatt says it has an additional 130,000 cans of

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