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This Weather Is For The Birds…Or Is It

One would think that all this summer heat is something animals are just used to, it’s in their nature or blood to get used to it as most live outdoors on a regular basis so they just adapt. One would

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My Life Has Gone To The Birds

Don’t get me wrong I have always loved every single animal since I was a little girl….leery of snakes maybe but still I’ve learned to respect them.  But being the ultimate cat lover, I guess I looked at birds as

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Alarming! North American Bird Population On A Significant Decline

Have you noticed? North American skies have grown quieter over the last decades by the absence of 1.5 billion birds, says the latest summary of bird populations. The survey by dozens of government, university and environmental agencies across North America

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Study Offers Solutions To Avoid Bird-Window Collisions

Hearing a dull thunk at home can be a heart-breaking sound if it means a bird has collided with one of your windows. It happens all too frequently. Remember the Cedar Waxwing issue at City Hall earlier this year? A

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