Seven Foods To Avoid

While my best friend and I might have been idle over the summer at Stronger Everyday Bootcamp, the wonderful emails still get sent to us from our girl Georgie about the right and wrong things to do.  Foods are usually on that list, at least the right and wrongs ones to eat.

Let’s take white pasta for instance,  apparently never okay to eat when your goal is to look fit. It’s filled with way too many simple carbs and those plentiful carbs have one singular goal, to be stored on your body as fat.  Instead eat spaghetti squash when you’re craving a big bowl of noodles.  I can attest to this one, absolutely my new fave!!

Let’s talk about that store bought salad dressing, that nutritional benefit of your salad is all but undone by the questionable ingredients in store bought salad dressing. From trans fats to preservatives, store bought salad dressing is a landfill of unnatural ingredients that are best avoided.  Give your simple homemade dressing a go, it’s simple and easy and literally can take five minutes to do with your busy sked, a little oil and vinegar can go along way.

Replace those quick and easy packaged granola bars loaded with preservatives, carbs, calories and sugars instead with raw nuts that cuts down on all of that while enjoying that convenient energy boost.

Do I dare touch upon blended coffee drinks with all that whipped cream, well unfortunately  your body is only going to respond to that all that sugar in one way, storing it as fat.  Drink unsweetened iced tea instead by simply brewing your favorite tea and chilling it for a few hours.

While still talking breakfast of champions, try replacing those fast food breakfast sandwiches with grain free mini muffins.  How about those flavored yogurt which are often said to be the next best weight loss secret, switch that up with plain Greek yogurt.  It has plenty  more protein and less sugar and you can dress it up with your own fresh fruit.

And while I’ve tried all of the above and can vouch for it, my hardest is the seventh food…potato chips!!!  They are my weakness, always have been so venturing out and trying baked kale chips, I haven’t quite gotten to yet but I shall.  Apparently just like potato chips but guilt free and filled with fiber, protein and real food nutrients and a great crunchy snack that won’t expand your waistline.

Thanks Georgie for always being there for us when we’re not there for you and your bootcamp lately, ahem 😉


Source and photo credit:    Stronger Everyday Bootcamp








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