A Pretty Perfect Guy

My hubby and I were dining with some friends the other night and the topic of Kiefer Sutherland came up.  They started talking about how great he is in Designated Survivor and then we chimed in with how equally great he was in 24 as Jack Bauer and how we’re binge watching this.

Then the topic just took off on how everything Kiefer has done has been pretty darn amazing.  In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a bad role he has played.  Don’t even try as we did and couldn’t come up with one 😉

I somewhat remember him in Max Dugan Returns but my first time really noticing him was in The Bay Boy where you just knew he was way more than his father’s son, accomplished actor Donald Sutherland.  Kiefer was an actor in his own right and his list of acting credentials sure proves it.  I could list every single great role he has been in but let me just go with a few of my faves along the way.

Sure Stand By Me is on the list but I just loved him in The Lost Boys just a teensie bit more as he played the bad vampire David soooo darn well, too darn well in fact 😉  Young Guns 1 and 2 are in there too but Flatliners where he plays Nelson Wright, I’ve seen too many times to count.  “Today is a good day to die” leads the movie out of the gate to end with “today wasn’t such a good day to die” had you believing it was indeed Kiefer’s movie.

From the The Vanishing to An Eye For An Eye to even only his voice in The Phone Booth, I’m still trying to find a bad role and nothing.  And these are just a few of my faves…..maybe even just my top 5 on the big screen, okay maybe top 10 😉

Then there’s the small screen of 24 where he played CTU member Jack Bauer where he saves the president to go on to become the president in his latest show Designated Survivor where maybe he should take that role one step further and  into real life and run for President?  Maybe?  I know I’d vote for him 😉

Oh and hey, did you know he can sing too?  Yes his CD, Down In A Hole is another part of what Kiefer is all about and he plays that role well too.  I’ve listened to that CD numerous times and I’ve seen him in concert and he was just mesmerizing, the words, the music, the man himself.  No words.

Yeah I’d say he’s a pretty perfect guy all around and what’s even more perfect, Designated Survivor is coming back end of this month with some surprises and never a dull moment.




Photo Credit:   Codi Jeffreys Personal Collection




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