My New Happy Place!

When I was a little girl, I loved animals.  An animal followed me home and they were mine much to the chagrin of my Dad, who by the way always loved animals too, it’s where I get it from.  My heart was set on being a veterinarian when I grew up but when I learned I had to euthanize them, even if they were suffering, I just couldn’t do it.  So on to another career I went.

Fast forward to just last year when an opportunity came up to volunteer at Alta Vista Animal Hospital.  I approached it with excitement, fear and wonderment.  I love helping out and this was with animals but with any new thing, you wonder can you do it?  Can I still learn something new?

Well let me tell you, it was one of the best things I ever did as I truly love it.  It’s my new happy place as I get to help these wonderful people who are helping our animals.

Alta Vista Animal Hospital to me, can honestly brag about having the best staff on sight in every facility.  They treat your animals like they are their own, they love them, they give them the best care and when they don’t have time as they do get  busy, us volunteers get to give some extra love and cuddles too.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not an easy job at times, as you can imagine, but knowing you’re helping in either cuddles or cleaning cages or doing laundry or whatever needs doing can just be the best feeling.

The staff at Alta Vista Animal Hospital are simply The Best!!  From Julie to Melissa to Tara to Val to Emma to Jackie to Krissy, to everyone else in between, they are the most amazing and wonderful people I’ve had the pleasure of ever knowing.  They’re day to day love and compassion for the care of your fur-pet makes me glad I’m also a customer.

There are two special people that deserve an extra mention though and one of those is my own vet, Dr Erica Tyre.  Words can not describe how wonderful this woman is, she is brilliant, loving, amazing with the animals and if I can add, downright gorgeous.  As I always say, she has it going on, in all aspects.

And the other is the person is the one who has to take in all us volunteers and train us, her name is Cindy.  Let me tell you if Cindy teaches you something, you know you’re doing it right as she has been there pretty much since day one and she knows her stuff.  Cindy is one of my favorite people and her knowledge and giving in all she does, is truly extraordinary.

If I could take one little bit of all the happy and positive I get from there and share it with the world, then this world would be a much better place.

My friend once told me if you volunteer, you’ll live longer….well if that is true, I hope I spend all those longer years at Alta Vista Animal Hospital.


Photo Credit:   Joey C/Codi Jeffreys

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