Millennials Are Avoiding Canned Tuna Because They Don’t Own Can Openers!

A Wall Street Journal article about the tuna industry alleges that millennial’s are killing it – not because they don’t like eating fish, but because they don’t own can openers!

The story acknowledged that sales of fresh and frozen tuna were on the rise, but that just 32 percent of consumers aged 18 to 34 recently bought canned fish or shellfish, compared with 45 percent of those 55 years old and older.

It’s true that a can opener is not as much of a kitchen necessity as it used to be. Soups and other canned goods often have a pull tab, so you can open them with your hands. And some types of foods that were often canned now come in other types of packaging – see tubes of tomato paste and Tetra Paks of condensed milk.

And the tuna industry is planning to stage a comeback by focusing on the products that are working, like Tuna pouches which don’t require a can opener. According to the StarKist brand sales of its pouches are increasing by 20 percent annually. Chicken of the Sea is pitching it to younger consumers as a snack. The San Diego-based company started selling resealable cups of its flavored tuna this summer.

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