Loving Me Some Jim Cuddy!!

Don’t get me wrong, I do love Blue Rodeo but there is just something about Jim Cuddy and I know I’m not alone in thinking that 😉

Girls all love Jim Cuddy and even the guys have the “man-crush” on him cuz he’s just that kinda guy.

He’s got it going on, he can write a great song, he can sing it like he means it, he is the nicest guy, just like the guy next door except for that Leaf’s thing, he might just be perfect 😉

And like I said, I do love Blue Rodeo but when Jim  Cuddy puts out a solo anything, my inner voice goes Squeeee, and okay my outer voice too 😉

So yes there is a little Squeeee going on right now because after an extensive tour in support of their album, Jim Cuddy reconvened at Jim’s family farm in Southern Ontario and inspired by the band’s live show, Jim wanted to capture this energy on record and showcase each member’s skill, allowing them to stretch out and shine.

Produced by Tim Vesely, Jim Cuddy and Colin Cripps Countrywide Soul was recorded live on the top floor of Jim’s barn and kept as natural as possible to retain the woody sound of the barn board room and the energy that only comes from playing together live.

To achieve his goal on the album due on May 31st, Jim re-worked a number of songs previously recorded for his solo career and with Blue Rodeo.  To round out the record, he wrote two new songs and included a couple of favorite cover songs including Glen Campbell’s Rhinestone Cowboy and a fave of George Jones.

“When choosing songs for the album, I tried to find those in which I could change the mood and tone as in ‘All In Time’ or songs that had been underdeveloped on previous records such as ‘Clearer View’,” says Jim.  “’Almost Persuaded’ was a song Blue Rodeo performed in the early days.  It was a favorite of an old friend of ours, so I recorded this in her honor.”

Seriously can’t wait for this…..is it May 31st yet??


Source and Photo Credit:   Warner Music Canada

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