Learning A New Language Can Be Relatively Easy Or Completely Daunting!

Interested in learning a foreign language? Some are easier than others to pick up? The Foreign Service Institute has sorted through all of the major languages around the world and divided them into 5 categories of difficulty according to their differences.

The Romance languages, based mainly on Latin, are among the easiest to learn, and include French, Spanish, and Italian. Tongues like Dutch, Danish, and Swedish share common roots with English, meaning half your work is done if you choose to learn those languages. For example, the time required to have a good working knowledge of any ‘Category I’ language is about 6 months of study to achieve proficiency.

Languages like Japanese, Korean, or Arabic will take a lot longer… perhaps as much as 2 years of practice, one of which should be spent immersed in one of those countries. Those are 3 of the languages that make up the intimidating ‘Category V,’ as they’re about as different from English as black is from white.

Check out this handy language map, posted on the website bored panda: https://www.boredpanda.com/language


Feature image source: http://www.overseasguidescompany.com

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