I Kicked Some Serious Boot Camp ;)

I started the 6 week Boot Camp Challenge back in January and I finished it yesterday and I can honestly tell you, it was quite the ride, but a good one.  As  I said in a previous blog, I did it to support my best friend who is getting bride-ready but in that 6 weeks, I learned a lot more than just supporting my best friend and that I love spending time with her.

I learned to eat well to lose weight and feel good and I didn’t need a “diet” or  “shakes”, I just needed good food you find in your grocery store.  I learned that men and women can be supportive of each other and give encouragment.  I learned I liked to work out with others and not just do it solo as I have been over the years.

I also learned it’s okay to ask questions when you don’t know what you’re doing especially when doing a workout you don’t know how to do.  And from there I also learned, the trainers at Stronger Everyday Boot Camp are exceptional at what they do and who they are, they really know their stuff.

Biggest thing I learned though is this….I didn’t reach my goal and it’s okay as I worked hard and reached a pretty great goal of losing 10lbs, 11 inches and 2% body fat.  Yes I did that all with the great help of my boot camp trainers and team mates and I feel good today and I’m proud of me.

While I’m at it, kudos to my best friend who is more than bride-ready and looks absolutely gorgeous!  And a big “Yay You” to all of my boot camp team mates as well.  In fact, congrats to us all 🙂

Thank you as well, to Georgie, Amanda, Mike and David, the great trainers, you guys are all amazing.

So what’s next?  Well, my best friend and I signed up for more Boot Camp classes cuz it was so much fun the first time, let’s go back and do it again shall we 🙂




Photo Credit:  Georgie Vincent/Codi Jeffreys

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