It’s More Than Just A Name, It’s A Way Of Life

Back in January, I got dragged kicking and screaming into a 6-week Boot Camp with my best friend Steph 😉  She was getting married and needed the moral support.  I love her and I’m a loyal friend so sure, I did it but thought when it’s over, so am I.  Yeah right….fast forward to today to where I signed on for more.

Why did I sign up for more?  Cuz I realize their name is also their motto.  As their big sign on the wall at Stronger Everyday Boot Camp says, “It’s not just about losing weight, its about becoming Stronger Every Day.”  That Georgie girl knew what she was talking about when she named her gym.

Sure you do have the great trainers in Georgie herself, Amanda, Mike and David, and sure you get the great meal plans about eating every day foods the right way with the right portions.  Who knew.  Then there’s the amazing workouts that I swear since January have never been duplicated.

But it’s also about the stronger everyday part which I have noticed in myself tenfold.  It’s really in the smallest things like being able to walk up more than a flight of stairs without feeling it…..heck now I can even run up those stairs.  It’s also about challenging myself in maybe heavier weights cuz now I can as I’m stronger, right Mike 😉

And girls will get this, that hovering thing over a public toilet…..I can do that now without shaking or feeling like I’m going to fall over…..see it really is the little things 😉

Those are just some of the great benefits of becoming stronger everyday for me…….and if you want to too, then I hope to see you as it’s never too late to be stronger everyday!!!


Photo Credit:  Stronger Everyday Bootcamp

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