What I’ve Learnt From A Year Of Volunteering

Today marks one year of me volunteering at Alta Vista Animal Hospital and what a year it has been!!

I have learnt so much in my past year that I don’t have enough room or time to tell you everything but here’s a rundown of my Top 10.

Number 10 – Compassion!  I knew compassion but I have learnt it tenfold working here, so much compassion to animals from such compassionate people.

Number 9 – Patience!  And not the “patients” kind 😉  There is no rushing in trying to handle a scared and confused animal and never have  I seen more patience than here.

Number 8 – Love!  I thought I knew love but seeing all the love these amazing staff have for your animals makes my heart swell.

Number 7 – Please and Thank You do exist.  I had almost given up on people saying these three little words but volunteering here, it happens numerous times daily.

Number 6 – You’re Never To Old To Learn Something New.  Trust me, I was rather nervous walking in that first day, wondering how was I going to learn new things in a different environment but I can’t say enough how much I now love learning new things and how wonderful they are at teaching you those new things!!

Number 5 – I Thought I Loved Animals Before…..but nope, if you can believe it, I love them even more now!!!  But luckily they all belong to someone so I don’t run the risk of bringing any new ones home 😉

Number 4 – I’m Not The Only Crazy Cat Lady!!  This one is very important to me as there were times I thought it was me or that girl in that video years ago that went viral but nope!!  It happens in real life too, all the people that work there are not only crazy cat people or crazy dog people but crazy animal people, I have found my crazy home 🙂

Number 3 – I Could Have Been A Vet.  As a child, I really wanted to be a vet but just didn’t think I could do it due to euthanizing an animal.  Trust me, it still wouldn’t be easy to do as from what I’ve seen it’s not easy for anyone but in most cases, its simply the best for the animal and isn’t that the most important thing.

Number 2 – Cupcake Decorating…okay this is just a random one but I did……one day there was a cupcake decorating day to raise funds for an animal charity and I learnt how to do that….and I may or may not have taste tested a few along the way 😉

And Number 1 – Alta Vista itself!!!  Someone once told me, volunteering will help you live longer and while it’s a great feeling knowing you’ve done something good to help out.  It’s also the great people who you “work” with……from Cindy to Tara to Jacquie to Chrissy to Emma to Val to Melissa to Julie to Mel to Nancy to the most amazing vet in Erica and the list goes on….it could be a Romper Room listing 😉

All these great people make each and every day a treat to go volunteer for the past year…..so thank YOU for all you’ve done to make me feel welcome!  I simply love you all for all you do!!!


Photo Credit:   Codi Jeffreys


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