Its Four Moons In One

Its a rare thing that doesn’t happen too often so when it does, you stand up and take notice.  Not only is it a full moon tonight but also throw in a Blood Moon and Blue Moon and the Lunar Eclipse and you would think you’re in a Stephen Spielburg movie 😉

This is the first Super Blue Blood Moon since 1866 and all this will coincide for a rare and spectacular astronomical feast.

Let’s take each step by step:  First the Super Moon.  The moon doesn’t orbit the Earth in a perfect circle, which means it sometimes sits closer to our planet than usual. When the moon’s closest approach coincides with a full moon, it can look bigger and brighter. This is known as a “Super Moon,” but the technical term is “perigee full moon.”

Blue moon has come to mean the second full moon in a calendar month.  Sadly it doesn’t actually shine blue, but it is an interesting quirk.

Blood moon refers to a lunar eclipse, where the sun, Earth and moon will line up in such a way that our planet cuts off the moon’s sunlight supply. It will drift into the Earth’s shadow and begin to glow a warm, orange-red as light passes through the Earth’s atmosphere.

Unlike a Solar Eclipse, a Lunar Eclipse is safer to watch and it should make for an interesting night for sky watchers, photographers and werewolves, oh wait I said it wasn’t a Stephen Spielburg movie 😉

Oh and if you notice you’re having strange dreams or your pets are acting a bit peculiar…..blame it all the Super Blood Moon.

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