Everyone Grieves In Their Own Way

When someone loses someone, we all go through a grieving process.  It can be taking time for yourself, rushing back to normal to keep busy and not think about it or any number of ways, everyone is different.

I honestly don’t think anyone should be judged on how they choose to deal with the grieving process, as everyone is different, there is no right or wrong way to grieve.  Hence the reason, I’m kinda proud of the way Luke Perry’s daughter has taken to social media about her “trolls”.

In a candid social media post on Monday, Sophie Perry revealed that in the wake of her dad’s death one week ago, she has faced criticism from Internet trolls that have shamed her for her language, wardrobe and “grieving process.”

“Since my dad died I have received a lot of attention online. And most of it has been positive but of course, some people just can’t be nice,” Sophie began her Instagram post, which she wrote alongside a selfie. “And I’m here to say that I did not ask for this attention, I did not ask to be thrown into some virtual spotlight, and while I don’t mean to offend anybody, I’m also not going to cater to any one else’s needs and beliefs.”

Although Sophie said that she is mourning in private, she’s not allowing her father’s loss to prevent her from embracing the present.

“YES I am hurt and sad and crying and beside myself with what happened to my dad. It’s the worst thing to ever happen in my life. And I am torn up over it. But I’m not going to sit in my room and cry day in and day out until the internet has deemed it appropriate for me to do otherwise.  And if you knew my dad you would know he wouldn’t want me to. So you shouldn’t either,” she continued.

Sophie concluded, “So to those of you shaming me for my language and my wardrobe and most disgustingly, my grieving process, do us both the favor and just unfollow. It’s a waste of both of your time.”

You go girl and just do what you gotta do, it’s we all gotta do.

**Note….language may be offensive to some in below story’s post**


Source and Photo Credit:   https://people.com/tv/luke-perry-daughter-sophie-claps-back-internet-trolls-criticizing-her-grieving-process/

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