Emoji Inventory About To Expand – Soon We Won’t Need Any More Words

These days, modern communication has evolved to the point that there’s now a visual counterpart to go along with virtually any situation, however nuanced… I’m talking about emoji. Quite literally, one can use an emoji or a combination of many to describe complex phrases, and the inventory of emoji just keeps getting bigger. Unicode has now released the list of 67 proposed new emojis for the 2018 set, which includes a softball, a kangaroo, a salt shaker, and a frowning pile of poo. You would think just a pile of poo would make the point, but soon, you’ll have a choice… The new batch also includes more items related to science and math. “Face with smiling eyes and party horn and party hat” and “frowning face with question marks as eyes” are the two most requested ones in the list. Other emoji in the proposed include a woman’s flat shoe, a hiking boot, and for animal lovers, a raccoon, a parrot, a lobster, a mosquito, a llama, and even a microbe, perhaps for scientists who’d like to explain themselves less eloquently?  

Image Source: http://www.redmondpie.com

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