As Elton Just Said, The Day The World Lost An Angel

I know Nida has touched upon this day 20 years ago in her blog already but it was one of those moments in life where we all remember where we were when the tragedy happened.  Its like when 9-11 happened, the Oklahoma bombings, all the disasters of the world and yes to me, losing Lady Di was one of them.

I’m not into the royalty scene, I respect it but I don’t collect the plates and items that go along with them but it was different when it came to Diana.  The Rose Of England was beyond royalty to me, she was someone whom I thought could and given the time, would have changed the world.  She had the biggest heart of anyone and she went out and did so much to help make the world a better place and it wasn’t just a photo op for her, it was from her heart.  It wasn’t just talk, it was action all the way with her and action as we know, speaks louder than words and we certainly heard her.

I always thought she just had that power to change the world and make it a place of peace, she was well on her way then that tragic day struck 20 years ago today and I remember it all too well.  The peace we were just beginning to maybe experience somehow was ripped from us as the world wept together at our loss.  I was working that night and just kept watching the television news footage in shock that someone so young, so vibrant, so loving could just be gone.  I went home after work and picked up her book and just re-read her autobiography.

I know how I felt and where I was but my thoughts today certainly go out to those two little boys at the time whom she left behind.  They sure have grown up into some fine young men that I know she is watching over and whom had already established a fine example to them at their young age, just look at the fine men they’ve turned out to be.

Elton John tweeted earlier today, 20 years ago today, the world lost an angel and no truer words have ever been spoken.


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