Celebrating International Women’s Day

For me growing up, I’d love to say my Mom was my inspiration but unfortunately it was a time I didn’t understand and no one talked about with mental health issues and postpartum depression and more so for me growing up, I just thought my Mom didn’t like me.    Now of course, I know better but it was a tough ride when I was  younger and my Dad was my role model in that sense, always telling me I didn’t need a husband to live my life, I could do it on my own, be a lawyer, be a singer, be whatever I wanted to be.

Being its International Women’s Day, hard for me to use my Dad as the one who inspired me as he’s a boy so my first female role model goes to the singer Lee Aaron.

Lee Aaron to me was everything a woman should be back in the day.  She was the front of a band, she was doing music back then that wasn’t the most popular, she sang that song Metal Queen which was a powerhouse like she was to me with that voice and she was just beautiful.  She had it all going on for this young and impressionable teenager and I thought if she can do this, I can do anything too so here I am, many years later, many roads traveled in this crazy life of radio.

Luckily with that same career, I had the chance to meet Lee Aaron pretty early on and I have to say, she is everything I always thought she was and then some.  She continues to inspire so many by continuing her musical journey and being a great wife, a wonderful Mom of two herself and yes the musician still lives in her heart.  In fact she drops her new CD, Diamond Baby Blues on April 27th with an amazing cover of Linda Ronstadt, You’re No Good.

I’m pretty lucky that my inspiration has become such a wonderful friend to me and I get to see that next generation that she continues to inspire along the way.  I recently met one of her younger fans, Autumn, who sees the woman I saw then and continues to see and it’s nice to re-live how I felt back then through her.

No one can explain why a certain person inspires us but our inspirations come from many different places and today is a great day to celebrate them on International Women’s Day.


Photo Credit:   Codi Jeffreys

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