I Blame One Of My Best Friends ;)

It was a about a year ago that my beautiful best friend asked me to join her for a 6 week Bootcamp program to help her get ready for her upcoming wedding.  I of course said yes, we did the program, we bought a few more classes after……off she went to say yes in Mexico and then summer hit and we took a break.

I decided to go solo just before the holidays again on a shorter program, then when the New Year rolled around, I signed up for a full program with Stronger  Everyday Bootcamp again and I blame my best friend Stephanie 😉

For starters, she did wonders on the program and she still looks amazing, maybe it’s still the honeymoon, blushing bride phase but whatever the case she look gorgeous.  And second, when we originally did the program, we did our after pictures and we got put up on the wall so it was kind of like a reminder every time I worked out during the shorter program on how good the program was for her so I decided enough, this time I’m going to do it for me, darn her 😉

All kidding aside, I actually missed going to Stronger Everyday Bootcamp, well missed is a strong word as I do have a love/hate relationship with it…..I love how I feel and I missed that part but I do hate the press push burpees and a few other little workouts 😉  But all in all, I do love it and hope to get where I want to be again.

Let’s be honest, life, aging and just in general being busy can add on not only weight but just overall not feeling like yourself or how you want to be.  This winter weather makes you feel kinda blah and maybe you can’t afford that trip down south to re-energize, so I choose to do this.

Working out and doing this program helps me in all aspects and before you think you have to be a certain age to do this Stronger Everyday Bootcamp, think again.  I’ve seen Mothers bringing their children in to get a healthy regime going on and just yesterday I heard an 85 year old guy came in to try a class and he kept up better than some of us younger ones did.

And I also missed the crazy trainers there……they never judge, they never laugh, they never pressure, they just encourage you to be a better you, a healthier you…..cuz as  Georgie says, it’s not about losing weight, it’s about being Stronger  Everyday 🙂

So darn you Stephanie…..I may never look as beautiful as you but I’m gonna try and keep up at least and stick around longer to love you by being healthier, it’s what best friends are for 🙂




Photo Credit:   Georgie Vincent


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