Almost Time To Spring Forward

As the saying goes “spring forward, fall back”. Be prepared to lose an hour of sleep as this weekend marks the return to Daylight Saving Time.  What this means for us that the sun rises later but there’s more daylight for the evening hours. More than 70 countries and one-fifth of the world’s seven billion people follow DST. There are some exceptions, though. Saskatchewan, parts of B.C. and Ontario and Quebec’s north shore don’t follow the time change. In the U.S., Arizona and Hawaii don’t observe daylight time.

So what happens with this time adjustment?  Plenty apparently.  It can impact our fatigue levels, our productivity and our health. Time and time again, research warns that losing an hour of sleep increases your stroke risk for the following two days, especially for seniors and those with cancer. We’re also more accident-prone. Several studies say there tends to be a rise in car accidents on the first workday after the change to Daylight Saving Time. One other note, workers may be less productive.  One study concludes sleepy employees will be less hard working and will be more likely turn to the Internet to kill time after the switch to DST.   (Global News)




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