40th Anniversary Of The Jogging Bra And Its Humble Beginnings

The jogging bra turns 40 this year. Would you believe it started as two jockstraps sewn together? True story! In 1977, Hinda Miller had just started working at the University of Vermont and had taken up jogging. But she found it uncomfortable, so she used two bras to keep things in place. At the same campus, Lisa Lindahl was in the same predicament. She reached out to a friend, Polly Smith, who made costumes for the university’s theater department, and together, the three of built a better bra.

“We bought some bras, tore them apart,” Hinda recalls. But none of it felt good. See, breasts move… a lot. Up and down, side to side, even back to front. At one point, Lisa’s then-husband came downstairs with two jockstraps slung over his chest. He was teasing them, but a light bulb went off! She ran to the store, bought two jockstraps and brought them back to the costume shop. “The waist band became the rib band. The straps in the back were crossed that was it.”

They thought about calling their creation the Jock-bra, but decided Jog-bra was a better fit. The design caught on, and Hinda Miller and Lisa Lindahl made Jogbra into a national brand. The sports bra has come a long way since its humble beginnings as jockstrap!

Image sources: NPR / http://www.hindustantimes.com

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