Which Of These 4 Facebook User Groups Do You Belong To?

A new study, published in the International Journal of Virtual Communities and Social Networking, confirms that Facebook could easily categorize users into four broad user types: “relationship builders,” “window shoppers,” “town criers,” and “selfies.” The study authors, from the School of Communication at Brigham Young University, say these four categories emerged from a survey that asked subjects to respond to a list of 48 statements, including phrases like, “Facebook is a source of stress, and it depresses me” and “Facebook is an instant way to ask for help or something I need from people.” So now that you’re curious to know which one of these four types you are… let me review, quickly.

Relationship builders

Are people who use Facebook much the way humans once used actual mail and landline telephones: to strengthen existing relationships with friends and family.

Window shoppers

Are Driven by “a sense of social obligation” to be on Facebook. They see it as an inescapable part of modern life, but they very rarely divulge personal information, share photos, or write updates. Nor do they do much ‘liking’ or commenting.

Town criers

Are the self-styled or professional journalists, activists, and event organizers who see Facebook primarily as a soapbox. They might broadcast information they feel compelled to share to a wide range of close and distant connections, but they’re not necessarily looking for a follow-up.


The final group, the selfies, routinely use the same Facebook features as relationship builders – posting pictures, videos, and status updates – but they do it primarily to call attention to themselves.

Image source: https://www.rt.com

For the full Story, go to: https://qz.com

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